Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taking Notes with Evernote in Physician Assistant School (PART 1)

If you have been reading this blog you should know by now that I use Evernote for my note taking in class. (If you missed that check out this post)  I promised a long time a go I would show how I use Evernote to take notes and since I am going to speak to students about it soon, so I thought it was time I delivered on the promise that I made to you all first.

To get yourself acquainted with Evernote  start by going to there website and check out this video below:
Evernote is free so regardless if you decide to use it to takes notes you can still use it to help organize your life. If you are going to use it for school like I have I would highly recommend you go Premium which costs about $5.00/month or $45.00/year. Given all of its benefits and the fact that you can use it across all aspects of your life (not just school) I think its a pretty small price. Plus they run promotions so look out for those.

Lets go over some of the basics of Evernote:

  • What is a Note? 
    • Think of this as just one page in a note book. In this case the note is digital and can hold a lot more text, pictures and audio then a traditional note in a notebook.
  • What is a Notebook?
    • This is simply a place to organize/place several notes.  You will probably start out with just an "inbox" notebook. You can create notebooks as you need them.  For my Topics In Medicine (TIM) class I will create 2 notebooks per module (Dermatology, Cardiology, etc). One for class notes and the other for objectives. I will show examples in videos to come. 
  • What is a Stack?
    • A stack is simply a collection of Notebooks.  For me after I finish a particular module  I will create a Stack with different notebooks related to that module. This is very easy because all it involves is simply dragging and dropping.
  • What is a Tag?
    • Think of a Tag as adding a sticky color thing to a note with in a notebook. I will use Tags to keep track of different subsections with in a Notebook as well as to keep track of where the Note came from (ie which professor presented it).  For example when we get a pharmacology lecture for a module I will tag all the notes regarding pharmacology with something like: "Dermatology Pharmacology"
  • Searching
    • Keep in mind one of the powerful things about Evernote is that you can search all of your notes, just within in particular Notebooks, or Stacks, or even by a Tag. The above features described along with the search power allows you to find things quickly, stay organized and access information quickly. 

For now open an Evernote account and start playing around with it. I think you will find it easy to manage. If you need some help you can check out their video section of their website here: https://evernote.com/video/#D7oSS4i57MY|1|1

Coming up I will post a video on how I make notes from a Powerpoint presentation, edit them, organize them and so on.

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