Thursday, June 6, 2013

PA Foundation

-What is the Physician Assistant Foundation? 
In simple terms the PA Foundation is the AAPA's philanthropic arm. It was started in 1977 at the AAPA's Educational and Research Foundation and was known as this until 1991. In 1991 the name was officially changed to Physician Assistant Foundation and it adopted a new mission - "fostering knowledge and philanthropy that enhance the delivery of quality healthcare"- and a focus of "advancing healthcare through philanthropy". (1)  With these changes the organization expanded its programs to what now includes community-based project grants, research fellowshipstudent scholarships and more. (I think it is always important to review an organization's mission, vision and goals, so I have provided them below)

     Mission- To foster better health through better care.
     Vision- Patient-centered, team-based, quality healthcare for all ages
          Outreach- Resources to promote the physician assistant workforce and foster innovative practice
          Education- Programs, tools and resources that assist PAs in providing better healthcare to their patients
          Visibility- Promotion of PAs and their practice to patients, caregivers and other health professionals
          Capacity Building- A robust, viable, self-sustaining organization

-What is A PAramount Evening?
A PAramount Evening is a dinner hosted by the PA Foundation every year at IMPACT which is AAPA's annual conference. It is a fundraising opportunity for the foundation, as well as a great networking opportunity.  I was able to attend this years dinner where I met several great PAs, PA students and amazing U.S. Marine, Lt. Col. Justin Constantine. The food was good and the experience was amazing! Here is a list of those that were recognized. (Please click on the people's names to see a video about them and the work they have done. Also a special thank you to AAPA for putting these videos together. They are inspirational!)

     This years PA Foundation Award:
          Caring for Communities- Bread for the City
     This years AAPA PAragon Awards:
           President's Award- John Trimbacth PA-C
           Eugene A. Stead Award of Achievement- Ron Nelson PA-C
           Outstanding PA of the Year Award- Jeff Callard PA-C
           Publishing Awards- 
                Research- Marcia Bouton PA-C
                Clinical- Christopher Castellano PA-C
           Preceptor of the Year Award- Joseph Cohen PA-C
           Federal Service PA of the Year Award- Earl Morse PA-C
           PA Service to The Underserved Award- Sixtus Atabong PA-C
           Humanitarian PA of the Year Award- Erle Canfield PA
           Health Monitor Life Changer Award- Kyra Downing PA-C
I could not find a video on Mrs. Downing but I do have a quote from Linda H. the patient that nominated her for the award:
"Kyra sent me for an ultrasound because she didn't like the result of the office EKG. The ultrasound showed a benign tumor in my heart. If left untreated, it would have eventually caused a heart attack. Soon after I had an open heart surgery. The tumor was taken from the wall of my heart. I have been given a second chance. Thank you, Kyra Downing, for being an excellent PA."- Linda H. (2)
*I would also like to thank the PA Foundation for the cards giving to everyone in attendance. Very cool!
-Why should Pre-PAs know about this organization?
Pre-PAs need to know about the PA Foundation for several reasons. The first and arguable the most important for the Pre-PA is that they offer the only Pre-PA Scholarship that I know of!  Yes a scholarship specifically for PRE-PAs!!!  If you have not clicked on the two previous links to go to their web page on the Pre-PA scholarship please click HERE!  Why else should you know about this organization?  The offer PA Student Scholarships. In addition they recognize your fellow (or soon to be fellow) colleagues, provide you opportunities to volunteer and give back and are overall just a great organization.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or check out the PA Foundation website by clicking on their logo at the top of this post.

To show your support to the PA Foundation please check out ways to give

1. Vision, Mission, History. Physician Assistants Foundation. Available at: Accessed June 5, 2013. 
2. PArtners in PAtient Education. PA Professional. May 2013:7.

Please note I do not know how to do a superscript when composing in Blogger so the "(#)" will be what I use for referencing.