Friday, November 2, 2012

How are you preparing for your interview?

Sorry I have not posted in a while, I have been very busy, with about a test/paper every week. I have also been helping a couple Aspiring Pre-PAs.  For those of you in the application process right now, GOOD LUCK and keep working hard!!!

I would like to give some interview prep advice and because I am short on time it is going to be in bullet points:

  • Practice, practice, practice!!! Interviewing is a skill and to have a good skill you have got to practice
  • I did mock interviews with my Health Professions advisor in undergrad, if you have someone like this use them!!!! If not, prepare a batch of questions give it to someone who is going to be serious and that will give you constructive criticism. 
  • If you can videotape yourself!  If only for the reason to look back on it in 10 years and laugh!!
  • But what kinds of questions are they going ask?  
    • Lets use some common sense here! Why do you want to be a PA? Tell me about yourself? Why did you choose to apply to this school? What is the programs mission and goals? Do  you like the mission and goals do they fit you and do you fit them?
    • Do your homework!!! Check out books regarding the PA application process there are several out there! If you need suggestions email me(
    • Also check out
  • Do you have a sharp looking suite gentlemen? Groomed?
  • Ladies business suite, appropriate skirt? No excess jewelry/makeup/perfume
  • Make sure you know where you are going, where you are going to park/get dropped off/ where you are going to stay the night before
    • if you are flying, take your suite on the plane!! (or wear it)
    • check the weather (Is hurricane Sandy going to be there as well, yes this does happen!!)
  • Consider the sacrifices (time, $, sleep, etc) they may ask you about these and how you are going to cope!
  • Ethical questions- be ready there are some classic ones out there. Remember that you are their for the patient and that will usually help you answer the question
  • Prepare questions for them. 
  • BREATH!!! 
  • BE YOURSELF!!!!!! That is probably the best advice I can give anyone. 

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment!!! If you have any questions for me, it would be a lot easier for me to respond to you if you email me at thank you!

(I apologize if there are typos, I am limited on time, and half my brain is focused on all the endocrine objectives I need to know my Monday)

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