Thursday, March 1, 2012

University of Southern California (USC)- PA Program Interview

I had a lot of fun interviewing at USC because the students and staff were very friendly, encouraging and welcoming! My interview day went like this:

I arrived early, and checked-in and was given a folder with information about the program, USC and the interview day (including who you were interviewing with). (Hint: also in the packet was a list of current faculty and some of their biographical information. I found it very helpful to read up about the faculty member that I was going to be interviewing with.) We got to mingle with other interviewees and the first year PA students that were helping that day. After mingling we were all taken in to one of the classrooms where we got to get to do an icebreaker. I think the icebreaker really helped get me and the rest of the interviews relaxed and feel like we were peers and not competition. After the icebreaker, we were given a presentation on the program, and introduced to USC alumni that would be helping with the interview process.

After the introductions we were split into three groups. My group got to talk with a panel of students first. This was a very helpful, because they gave true insight into how the program was and how AWESOME it is. It was basically a Q and A, but very relaxed. Next our group went to the interview, where we each interviewed with a current student and a faculty member/alumni. In my interview they did a great job with the questions. I got nothing out of the ordinary, and I felt it went really well. (I felt at home!) After our interviews our group got to speak with an alumni panel. Talking to them was great because you get some insight into what life after PA school is like, and it looks exciting! (In, my eyes anyway)

After the three sections, all of the interviewees, interviewers, students and alumni got to have lunch together. On our interview day Dr. Lohenry the director was not able to come until later, so he spoke to all of us for a short while during lunch. Dr. Lohenry is a great guy and you should meet him if you get a chance. (Frankly there are a lot of people (not just at USC) I would like to introduce to all the pre-PA people I know, but I can't. That is why getting out there and networking as much as possible and meeting the right people can be key, to your success in become a better PA!)

If you have questions feel free to leave them!  Remember I want you to be a better PA not just a PA applicant.

Go Trojans!

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