Monday, January 23, 2012

Ways to Pay for PA school

This is a list of websites/resources where you can learn about different ways to pay for PA school.  If you come up with any please post a comment.

You current schools financial aide office or if you are not in school contact the financial aide offices at the schools you are applying:  these places are a great place to start you search! This is their job, feel free to ask them questions, get the help you need and deserve!

Free Application for Federal Student Aide (FAFSA): I am sure every financial aide office will tell you to put in an application and hopefully you have already heard of this great resource!   (Apply early!!!!)

National Health Services Corps:
Scholarship Program   (Sweat Deal- this is probably the best deal if you can get it!)
Loan Repayment Program  (If you plan on working in an underserved area, (which hopefully you are) this is a great opportunity)
Student/Resident Experiences and Rotations in Community Health (SEARCH) this program is state based. Please see website if your state is involved in this program. Also be sure to check with your PA program to see if they would allow you to do this type of rotation.

California Academy of Physician Assistants(CAPA):  offers three scholarships, but you must be a member to apply for the scholarships (and if you are applying to PA school in CA you should already know what this group is, and hopefully have some contact with the):

American Academy of Physician Assistants: has many resources for PA students and Pre-PA.  If you are applying you should know about this very important organization. Here is a link to information about scholarships:
You should also explore the website: 

For those of you that are in CA there is the Health Professions Education Foundation it has both scholarship and loan repayment programs. At this time it looks like the website has not been updated since 2011, but I would keep checking back because we all know PA school is not cheap!

If you have any other suggestions please share in the comment section!