Tuesday, January 31, 2012

USC PA Program Information Session

On Tuesday March 8 (2011) a few fellow pre-PAs and myself attended the USC's PA Program Information Session. This is the third one I have been too, and it is interesting to see the changes the program has made over time. I really liked this information session because you get to sit in the same class room that you will hopefully be sitting in for a year as PA-S (PA student).

It was a fairly straight forward session. There were introductions (where you get to meet your competition! ;)) then Ms. Tramel goes through a power point which they give you a printed version.  She gives great tips that you should hear so GO to an information session!  You will also get an opportunity to ask any questions you may have which I believe is one of the best parts of any information sessions.

The opportunity to ask questions is often an applicants first opportunity to make a  GOOD first impression! That means when you attend these types of information sessions or preview day, be ready to set your best foot forward! Did you comb your hair? How did you dress? Like a future PA? Were you respectful? (even in the restroom?, yes you can make a strong first impression in the restroom!)

If you have questions about how to make a strong first impression at a information session or preview day or any opportunity to interact with people from a potential PA program, please comment or send me an email. aspiringpahelper@gmail.com

Keep reaching for your dream!

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