Friday, September 16, 2011

PA Application Process (CASPA, Supplemental Applications)

Applying to PA programs has been like running a really long marathon! I started my CASPA application in April and spent many hours entering course work, writing and re-writing my personal statement, and entering in all the volunteer and work experience I have done.  After feeling accomplished that I had turned in my CASPA application relatively early (July),  I felt another wave of pressure from supplemental applications. While at the time I felt like I was getting draged through the mud of applications, in the end I am glad I had to fill out the supplemental application. I feel it allowed me to show the different programs how I fit their style/mission/objectives.  (I don't really like the fact that schools can make so much money from the supplemental application but I do understand with large numbers of applicants you have to find a way to efficiently weed out applicants and this takes time and money for people to go through all those applications.) By the end you will feel tired of staring at your computer screen and writing and re-writing essay questions. BUT don't give up, keep pushing and you will only be a better candidate by then end of it all!  (Oh and get ready for the fun part.. interviews!!!) 

Be ready for a marathon, you will never write as fast as you would like, and time doesn't slow down for you to get your brillant ideas from your brain to the page to answer that essay question.  So start know, you can get the personal statement question NOW off of CASPA's website and start working on it little be little. It will help!  Because when it comes time for you to actually turn it in, you will hopefully feel like you have explored all your ideas.

-Good luck, and your journey to PA school has already started! So get to work!