Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Western U Preview Day

This past Saturday (March 5) I got a chance to see what Western University of Health Science's PA program is all about. Here is a break down of how the day went:
  • Registration, Resource Fair, and Breakfast food
  • Welcome presentation and video about the school and some of its history.  
    • We also heard John Tegezs a professor form the veterinary school talk about the schools Interprofessional curriculum, which brings students from all the various colleges together to discuss cases, and to learn from each other. (This is something I feel is very unique and is not seen in other PA programs)  
    • We also heard from the schools president Dr. Pumerantz, who gave us all a great reminder of humanism.
  • Everyone went to the respective breakout sessions. I of course went to the PA one. Now I am not going to tell you everything Roy Guizado MS, PA-C (chair of the Department of Physician Assistant Education) went over but I will give you some of the tips he gave us. You should have some kind of community service and something that shows consistency is very good. PREPARE for the interview: know the major organizations (CAPA, AAPA, PAEA) related to the profession and what they do.  Know why you want to be a PA.  Know what a PA does.  At Western they have a lot of people to interview, and you will not be able to spend all morning with the interviewers. So be prepared, be ready to go and dress appropriately!  You get points for dressing professionally so get all the points you can (it is something you have control over).  
  • We finished with being able to ask questions to first year PAs and then got a tour of the campus from the students. 

Hope you all find this somewhat helpful.
If you are interested in any of the programs Western U offers, I encourage you to go to one of there Preview days.  You can go here form more information:

Enjoy and keep working hard to achieve your goal!