Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Semester New Beginning

So I am back to a new semester.  We are three weeks in and I have been doing much better compared to last semester. I have been organized and on top of my schedule and school work. (Yes, it feels good).  I have finished last semester with all Bs and one A not bad given the rough start, I have become co-chair for MAPS (Minority Focused Alliance of Pre-Health Students) health fair (in addition to the Pre-PA co-chair).   I have decided to keep this blog related to me and my journey to Physician Assistant School!  If any one actually follows this one day, I will be more then happy to try and answer any of the questions they may have.  I have mainly focused on PA schools in CA that are granting masters degrees. But I have also looked into several big name schools across the country (Yale, Duke, etc)