Friday, February 18, 2011

Making the best first impression

So your first impression with anyone you come across on your way to becoming a PA is going to be important!!  You may be out with your friends talking about something and a PA in plain clothes, recognizes you as one of the hospital volunteers.  (This person should be a potential writer for a letter of recommendation.) Your first impression as a citizen out side the hospital is going to be key in this situation!  Ask your self: Do look appropriate for the setting? (Did you just wake up? Are you wearing sweats to mall?) Remember dress to impress!

Another first impression that will be critical will be the one on your first day of volunteering/shadowing. BE PROACTIVE!!! Introduce your self, let them know how long you are going to be there, and if they have any interesting case and would like to share, please let me know.  Also when volunteering consistence is key! Don't be a flake! This is practice for when you are older as a PA student and as a PA-C.   Would you want to hire the person that shows up late constantly or is always changing their hours around?  
This is the same for your first day of rotations as a PA student.  You have a limited amount of time in each situation, make the most of it!  Don't expect them to include you in on everything, you need to show intrest and desire to learn everything!  

Being PROACTIVE is the word for the day!
What have you done today, to reach your goal of becoming a PA?  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Semester New Beginning

So I am back to a new semester.  We are three weeks in and I have been doing much better compared to last semester. I have been organized and on top of my schedule and school work. (Yes, it feels good).  I have finished last semester with all Bs and one A not bad given the rough start, I have become co-chair for MAPS (Minority Focused Alliance of Pre-Health Students) health fair (in addition to the Pre-PA co-chair).   I have decided to keep this blog related to me and my journey to Physician Assistant School!  If any one actually follows this one day, I will be more then happy to try and answer any of the questions they may have.  I have mainly focused on PA schools in CA that are granting masters degrees. But I have also looked into several big name schools across the country (Yale, Duke, etc)